Prevent workplace accidents with our GPS-enabled location sensor

  • Send real-time, location-specific alerts to your on-the-ground team 
  • Accurate to within half a meter
  • Works indoors, outdoors, and in remote areas 
  • Customizable reporting & hardware

How It Works

  Our 2nd-SKN (patent-pending) wearable device will send your on-the-ground team an alert, based on their proximity to heavy machinery or zoned off sections of your job site.  Our device is fully customizable and unlike other geofencing solutions, it does NOT require a vast array of beacons or the perfect environment to work its magic. We’ll get you going in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Place sensor in onsite vehicles

Place Zonetap’s 2nd-SKN 

sensor in the cab of each onsite vehicle in order to track the vehicle’s second by second movement.  Compared to other GPS solutions which are only accurate up to 3 meters in perfect weather conditions, our sensor is accurate within 0.5 meters and works both indoors & outdoors, rain or shine.

Step 2: Setup Safety Zones 

Login to our software (patented) as an admin to determine alert sensitivity and to create dynamic alert zones around each onsite vehicle, worker, or specific section of a job site.

Step 3: Activate Custom hardware

Once your on-the-ground team puts on our customized wearable device, they’ll receive a combined audio, visual, and haptic response anytime they are within arms reach of danger. We can also give you and your team custom reports and an radar like application that gives workers, managers, and machine operators a bird’s eye view of their job site.

Accident Prevention by Industry

Below are a few ways our customers have started to use our next-generation geofencing technology. If you’re interested in testing out how Zonetap can help your team, please click on “Learn More" to signup for a pilot. 

Solid Waste Removal Industry

  • Problem: One of the most common ways workers are killed or injured on landfills is by getting struck by heavy machinery, usually due to poor visibility. But out of the box GPS solutions that researchers have tried are only reliably accurate within 3 square meters, which means they send out a lot of false-positive alerts which cause workers to tune out alerts.
  • Our Solution: We created a helmet that is capable of giving workers and machine operators an audio, visual, and haptic alert when a worker is within 0.5 meters of heavy machinery.


Wildland Firefighters

  • Problem: Dense smoke and unknown terrain make it difficult for fire engineers to see who’s on the ground around them, which is why “getting run over" is the second leading cause of death among wildland firefighters (view report).
  • Custom Solution: We can create a radar like application that sits on a tablet within the cab of the fire engine, that gives the driver a bird’s eye view of the field, including the location of all firefighters.


Logging Industry

  • Problem:  One of the leading causes of deaths in the logging industry is when workers inadvertently enter the tree falling zone for logging machinery, and although researchers believe GPS technology can be useful to fight against this, out of the box GPS is unreliable for most canopies and stand types (view report).
  • Our Solution:  We created a customized hardware solution that attaches to each harvester machine and sends ground workers an alert anytime they are within the harvester’s “tree fall zone." This solution works regardless of canopy type or stand maturity.



  • Problem: One of the most common causes of fatalities on crowded docks is getting struck by vehicles, but traditional GPS technology doesn’t work well inside loading docks (view report).
  • Custom Solution: We created firmware that can be installed on each front-loader or forklift vehicle that causes the machine to stop if it is within 2 meters of an on-the-ground dock worker.


Learn More

Interested in doing a pilot with us or learning more about how our tech works? Drop us a line at or fill out the forum below – we’d love to hear from you!